Embroidery is a textile technique in which a carrier material (fabric, leather, paper) is decorated by pulling threads through or sewing on. There are a variety of embroidery techniques.

Branding of clothing for brand companies, sports clubs, national teams is now often done through digital embroidery. It is possible to personalize pieces in one go, for example by embroidering the names of individual athletes.

However, a lot of specialist knowledge is also required when embroidering with embroidery machines. Not every machine stick looks the same, because it depends on how the file or graphic is prepared for the machine. This preparation process is called punching. The stick is one of the most durable and high quality forms of textile finishing. Embroidered T-shirts look particularly impressive and classy. Heavy fabrics are more suitable for this. T-shirts are particularly easy to embroider with names, logos or club crests.


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