We offer a large selection and a lot of advice on clothing. There are numerous needs for which we have suitable textiles. From sportswear to fashionwear to workwear, we can offer everything from a single source. If your company or association would like to be able to order new clothes on an ongoing basis, we have suitable solutions for you. Come to one of our showrooms in Murten or Hünibach and let us advise you. We’re glad.

– Sports jerseys, club clothing
– Fashionwear, for events or promotional purposes
– Company clothing, shirts, polo shirts or work clothes

There are suitable textiles for every budget.

We can embroider or print your logo on collars, cuffs, etc. Textiles can be refined in a variety of ways, depending on your requirements. It is worthwhile to purchase the clothing from us, as we can provide a corresponding guarantee. The durability and longevity are critical factors that we are very familiar with.


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