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Our environmental awareness

Our environment is important to us
We too want to do our part to make our world a better place. Sustainable thinking and acting in all private and business areas is the key to the future. That a decent life in a healthy and intact nature and social structure is possible requires the contribution of each individual.

We at Tobaschriften.ch endeavor every day to do what is possible in all of our work processes in order to live up to the slogan “Think Green”. That goes beyond pet and paper collection.

The products selected by us often already have eco-certification, which corresponds to our slogan “Think Green” down to the last link in the production chain.

Yes, we can. And it’s actually very easy. It is with such products and prudent business conduct that we contribute to a better world.

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Sara Montesano

Sara Montesano

Textiles / textile finishing

Melanie Bielmann-Schmutz

Melanie Bielmann

Managing Director Togni Schriften GmbH